A brief history

The museum presents a collection of items from the 19th century’s Danish banking system and additionally owns a fully functional bank branch from approximately the 19th hundred a long with several temporary exhibitions.

The Danish Bank and Savings museum has its origin in a smaller museum which was established at Børsen in 1957. This was build in relation to the 100 anniversary for the creation of the Danish Privatbanken plc. which despite the name was a commercial bank and not a private bank. The new location of the Danish Bank and Savings museum is arranged in an old merchant’s house from the 18th century at Christianshavn. The old Merchants’s house was acquired in 1838 by merchant Peter F. Heering who was famous for his cherry brandy “Cherry Heering”. The old merchant’s house was the official head office for Heering’s businesses until 1977 where it was bought by the Danish Privatbanken plc. and subsequently owned by Nordea-fonden due to several merges.

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